Oct 25 • 28M

Ep.112 Q Branch: Building What’s Possible

with Aaron Judy is the Chief of Innovation and AI at Maricopa County Clerk of the Superior Court

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Let's kick off with Aaron Judy, Chief of Innovation and AI at Maricopa County, Clerk of the Superior Court.

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Podcast Questions

  • Let’s start with RPA (Robotic Process Automation). I recorded a great podcast episode with Krishna Edathil, Head of AI & Cloud at the State of Texas - where we dived into what the State of Texas is working on with its Cloud and AI CoEs - that’s episode 40.

Before we jump into the three big AI initiatives you’re working on - can you give us a baseline difference between RPA and AI - how are they different, and then how does AI supercharge RPA?

  • Why do you think there’s fear regarding technologies like RPA, AI, ML, you name it. Why do humans close themselves off to the “Art of the Possible?”

  • Now Aaron - walk us through the big AI initiatives - Conversational AI, AI System Reliability, and Computer Vision & RPA you’re working on.

  • What innovations have the most promise from what you’re seeing in the govtech world?

    • What excites you the most?

  • What ideas do you have that aren’t prototypes but could have promise in the future?

  • This next question is from Shauna Rodgers, Chief Digital & Data Officer (CDO) at the Texas Attorney General’s office. I asked her in Austin a few weeks back when I caught up with her - what she’d like to ask you - since I know you guys are friends.

Shauna asks, “How do you measure adoption and relevance in technology to your constituency.” How do you measure what’s working and what’s not, Aaron?

  • Aaron, let’s wrap up with the future of digital humans.

  • First, what’s a digital human, and second, what are the business applications of a digital human - it doesn’t necessarily have to be with the superior court.

    • Lastly, tell the audience about your PoC with Cleo.

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