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Ep.113 Breaking Burnout [Raleigh Live Podcast Tour]

with Jim Weaver, CIO, State of North Carolina & Mandy Crawford, CIO, State of Texas

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Jim Weaver, CIO, State of North Carolina & Mandy Crawford, CIO, State of Texas

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Podcast Questions

  • Jim - we’re in your home state - so let’s start with you. You’ve had the privilege of serving as state CIO on two coasts - Washington State and North Carolina - not to mention CTO for the State of Pennsylvania.

According to Robert Half, burnout, or work fatigue rates, are rising across the US - north of 40% of workers say they are burned out this year.

North Carolina is often viewed as a top 10 state across technology and people. What’s your secret to helping people across your teams who might be battling work fatigue?

  • Mandy - What’s your secret?

  • Jim - People may not know this about you, but you’re an active North Carolina Army National Guard member with the motto “Always ready, always there.”

So you are serving as Secretary for IT & State CIO for the State of North Carolina, but you’re also serving in the North Carolina Army National Guard.

Where have you experienced crossover? In other words, what tools are in your belt as a result of serving in both these capacities?

  • Mandy - let’s go back to our very first podcast. You mentioned, "The IT systems can be automated, but not the culture." Could you share some of the wins that you’ve had in driving connection and community and creating a stronger team culture in the State of Texas?

  • Jim - I was just at a conference where they talked about the relationship revolution. And what struck me was that we have come to a place where we’ve traded connection for convenience.

Would you agree? Disagree? And what are 2-3 tips for working to build relationships within your teams?

  • Mandy - any diamonds we can mine from you?

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